A Cloud of Hot Air Over Grass

It never ends! We’re now being told that having a lawn is bad for the environment, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gardening/5256408/Lawns-will-become-sign-of-moral-decadence-because-of-climate-change.html When will these so called experts look out of their windows, take a quick glance at the real world outside and show us the evidence of global warming? You can spout all the figures you want created by ficticious models to give the results you want but you can’t stop the weather, well not yet. Barrack Obama has stated that this is exactly what he wants to do by, wait for it, spraying pollution particles into the atsmosphere to block out the sun’s rays, yes you read right, spraying pollution particles into the atsmosphere to block out the sun’s rays! It seems that this is an attempt to cool the surface of the planet although it has been shown that this has the opposite effect and has actually been going on for years already, they’re just admitting it now. The global warming alarmists ahve always said that the sun has nothing to do with the warming of the planet anyway, so where does this madness come from? It comes in the form of chemtrails created by chemicals added to jet fuel.

Not every airliner does this but when you see the trail after an aircraft has long gone, spread out to form cloud, that is a chemtrail. All the chemicals DON’T stay in the air, they fall to the ground we breath them in. They are heavy metals such as Barium and Aluminum and they are toxic to humans and animals. They also cause disease and infertility. The New World Order plans for an 80% reduction of the planet are in play here again.


Anyway, back to the grass. If we don’t have a lawn, we’re told we should plant more shrubs and fruit trees. Why not just build houses without lawns? Oh yes we have those already, they’re for the poor folks that can’t afford houses with lawns, they’re called apartment blocks where people have to live like rats in cage. The rich will still have lawns, bigger than their huge houses, but let’s not talk about that, they’re special aren’t they? They deserve lawns because let’s face it, they’re better than us aren’t they?

BOLLOCKS! They are simply the elites of the planet who want it to themselves and leave to the rest of us in slavery to them. Start denouncing these  ridiculous claims of manmade global catastrophe wherever they arise. This is our planet, we are the majority regardless of what your politcians believe.


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  1. this is my new greek blog about chemtrails:)


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