Al Gore’s Green Money Making Machine

The mainstream media seem to have a blind spot when it comes to Al Gore the global warming guru who warns that unless you and I pay up, the planet is doomed.

The question is, who are we paying up to? Our respective governments? Greenpeace? Friends of the Earth? NO! NO! NO! Guess who we’ll be paying? Mr Al Gore’s company Generation Investment Management. Well, I think there just might be a case to answer here. Al Gore and his business partner David Blood, yep Blood & Gore, own the company that you and I will pay our carbon taxes to while these criminals will fly around the world in their private jets, use upto 20 times the average person’s home energy than anyone else and justify that by saying they buy carbon credits to enable them to carry on with their elitist lifestyles. Trouble is, they’re buying carbon credits from themselves. Conflict of interest? OF COURSE!

So, why should we believe anyone who has a vested interest in scaremongering us with a coming apocalyptic world when they are the ones who’ll benefit the most whilst our standard of living will continue to decline whilst these people live it up? They are conmen and liars of the highest order. I defy anyone to show me physical evidence of manmade global warming. It has been getting cooler since 1998 and that is a fact! Look out the window if you’re in the UK or Ireland just now. In the West of Ireland there has been persistent rain for 4 days and it ain’t warm enough fopr this time of year. Last year was the same and the year before wasn’t much better. We are being conned. It’s time people stood up and said ENOUGH!

These elitist billionaires are greed obsessed parasites sucking the life out of the rest of us to ingratiate and enrich themselves even further. We are trash to be trown away when we’ve fulfilled our use. WAKE UP!


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