Argh!!!! Busy today

Been kinda busy today so not had a chance to add much. I’ve been writing to the Irish Examiner newspaper in reply to an untterly hypocritical article by Matt Cooper entitled ‘Don’t Shoot The Messenger – The media has a duty to tell it like it is’. Well, they never do and it’s about time they started. They may have to get rid of corrupt private owners and slave editors to achieve that! Let’s hope they make a start sometime soon. You know, these so called ‘journalists’ I assume have families. What do they think is going on in the world? Can’t they see through the crap they write? Do they want to live in a totalitarian world? Do they somehow think that they’ll be immune from tyranny if or when it comes?

They’re not only trying to fool the public with the trash they write, they’re also deluding themselves which I suppose is some comfort when we’re standing behind the barbed wire together. The difference then will be that they won’t be allowed to say or write anything, it’ll be too late to for truth and freedom.


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