The Flying Pig Flu

Isn’t it strange how quickly the flu scare has disappeared? Last week we were being terrorised by the media telling us to stay at home and that this was a pandemic. It was nothing of the sort, it was simply a trial run to see how much crap people would believe and a test of reaction by the public to ascertain how easily we could be controlled. It worked, people were scared. Why? Because they are ignorant and basically just sheep being led to the slaughterhouse at the next time of asking. Come the autumn we’ve been promised that this flu will come back worse than this so we should head off to get Baxter Pharmaceutical’s vaccine when it’s ready, just in time. Baxter are the same company, who a few months ago, ‘tested’ a vaccine on homeless people in Poland killing at least 20 people. They knew they had done this yet still shipped out the ‘vaccine’ to 18 countries. They were caught out by a doctor in the Czech Republic who, as a matter of routine, tested the ‘vaccine’ on ferrets  which all died. It turns out that the ‘vaccine’ contained two strains of LIVE bird flu. They said it was an accident but scientists all around the world have stated that this is impossible. That leaves only one conclusion and that is that this company, who in recent history, also knowingly sent out the contaminated factor 8 blood products around the world contaminated with the HIV virus and who a little further back supplied Hitler with Zyclon B to gas the Jews in the concentration camps are part of the New World Order’s plans to exterminate 80% of the world’s population. I ask you, why would anyone trust these people to supply a vaccine and why have the WHO given them the contract? Isn’t it blatantly obvious?


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