The Virus and the Vaccine – Debbie Bookchin & Jim Schumacher

This is the true story of a cancer-causing monkey virus, contaminated polio vaccine and the millions of Americans exposed.

Thought this would be appropriate in the light of the recent push by governments to force us into taking vaccines to combat the phoney swine flu outbreak. I’ll do a review of this when I’ve read it and do a large blog on the current makers of the supposed vaccine for the swine flu being produced by the criminal pharmaceutical company Baxter.

Don’t take any vaccine, eat properly and you won’t need to be vaccinated. The vaccination is more likely to do you harm than anything else.

Post Script – I’m now halfway through this book and must say that if anyone is in any doubt whether to take a vaccine, of any type, they should read this book on the pursuit of the polio vaccine. It will frighten, shock and disgust you. It shows what exactly is in your vaccines today!



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