Guardian Reporter Arrested TWICE at the Bilderberg Group Annual Meeting

Well folks, for all those people who said that the Bilderberg Group didn’t exist here it is.

Guardian reporter Charlie Skelton has been arrested twice, so far, for taking a picture of the hotel where these criminals are currently meeting to decide the fate of the world. That includes their ultimate goal of exterminating 805 of us because in their own words ‘we are no longer required’ are ‘useless eaters’ and ‘weeds to be removed form the land’. Mr Skelton went to Greece where the current meeting is being held afetr convincing his newspaper that he was going to do a comic piece on the mystery group. He was however aware of the Bilderberg Group although he later admitted on Alex Jone’s show today that he had been rather niave after being arrested.

There is no denying that this group exists any longer. The Guardian, I hope will print Mr. Skelton’s experience and expose these eugenicist manics for what they are. They need to be stopped! Anyone who thinks this has nothing to do with them needs to wake up, very soon, or they may well find themselves in a few years time, behind barbed wire in a camp and possibly being led into ‘showers’.

People need to understand that these fascists mean real business, they intend to kill most of us. You better start paying attention to what’s going on around you and if you think there’s something not quite right, then you need to speak up and do something about it!




One Response to “Guardian Reporter Arrested TWICE at the Bilderberg Group Annual Meeting”

  1. newsreelneil Says:

    He was arrested a third time on Friday and nothing has been heard about this yet. I hope he’s ok, he was very naive taking this maniacs on!

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