The Attack On Free Speech – Blog Censorship On The Way!

What does it take for people to wake up to tyranny? Google, which is run by the CIA, is stopping the upload of video, YouTube is banning channels which don’t conform to their policy of what constitutes free speech, ie anything the CIA find uncomfortable. YouTube is owned by Google, so no surprise that they’re following the same censorship dictates.

The ordinary people of this planet, where totalitarianism is being rolled out in virtually every modern state at the same time, only have the internet to effectively communicate and organise resistance to tyranny. Internet 2 is soon to be phased in completely shutting off the present system we all use, regardless of illegal snooping by governments. We must fight to keep the internet in it’s current form and strive to make it illegal for governments to snoop on ordinary law abiding citizens. We are free human beings having our freedoms constantly eroded by a criminal gang in the guise of government and their puppets behind the scene who are controlling them.

We must resist this tyranny! Time is short, we must make use of this internet system to defeat these psychopaths before they have a chance to fully implement their disgusting plans for a global totalitarian state run by the super rich and powerful for themselves using those of us who are left to serve their needs.




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