The W.H.O. Plans to Shoot You for the Good of Your Health! (and your government will let them)

I’ve just been reading an article by the Wise Up Journal about what the reaction of the government here in Ireland would be to the manufactured coming flu pandemic, be in no doubt, it is going to be deliberately released!

It shows how our government, not only here, but in all countries who have signed over much of their sovereignty to the U.N. will implement measures to contain such an outbreak. This of course brings in the W.H.O. This allows the UN to superseed the laws of any country signed up to their laws, Ireland included.

The article states that basically, we can be rounded up by an army, not fed necessarily, just rounded up, quarenteened and if we try to leave as individuals we will be shot on sight and if we try to leave in groups we will be attacked from the air.

Prior to this we can be forced to take vaccinations against our will, despite having obtained written exemption from the government. They can simply deny your right to refuse and vaccinate you using force. You must also hand over your children to be vaccinated who would not necessarily be returned to you. You and your children can be detained INDEFINATELY and SHOT whether you are ill or not.

This will lead to the total control over society, will cause many more deaths than the flu itself including mass starvation and food riots in cities.

When will people wake up and start saying NO! NO! NO! When they lead you into the gulag it’s too late!

If you trust Baxter Pharmaceuticals to come up with a vaccine, you should be aware that these criminals tested a supposed vaccine on homeless people recently in Poland and killed them with it. They then sent the same vaccine out to 18 other countries knowing it was deadly. A scientist carried out a basic test on the vaccine before allowing it to be used in the Czech Republic by injecting it into ferrets. The ferrets died and the ‘vaccine’  or poison should I say, was found to contain two live strains of bird flu. They also make Tamiflu which they have a stock of due to go out of date, isn’t that convenient! Oh…by the way, it’s useless against this strain of ‘pigs will fly’ flu.

When you look back at the history of this company, you will find that they were involved in the contaminated factor 8 plasma that was sent all over the world in the 80’s when they knew it to be contaminated. If you go back further, you will find that they are linked to the production of Zyclon B which was the gas produced by a company called I. G. Farben to murder the jews in the nazi concentration camps. They were formed by a group of eugenicists and continue to function in a eugenics capacity. The UN is well aware of this as is the WHO because they too were formed and run as eugenics foundations and will soon be our world government.

People need to WAKE UP!


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