It’s Not Just Free Speech That’s Going, It’s Freedom!

Just been reading an article about a guy in England who had sent letters to the home secretary Jackylin Smith recently calling her a communist and criticising her for bringing in the police state.

Guess what? He got a letter from his doctor to go in for a check up. Turns out he’s been reported by a secretive department of government called the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre. So he goes to the doctor, the doctor is rightfully embarrassed at calling him in as he is to assess the man’s state of mind. This is shocking!

It just shows how far we’ve gone down the road of totalitarianism. This is the kind of thing Hitler and Stalin did to get rid of their enemies. If you are assessed to be of unsound mind and have written to a polition showing disent at their actions, those who YOU employ and who work for YOU then you can and will be locked up INDEFINATELY with no recourse to justice whatsoever!

It’s time for people to get a grip on reality, turn off your TVs, stop playing pathetic computer games and surfing porn on the web and get yourself informed. If you don’t then you deserve what’s coming in the not too distant future, and it won’t be pleasant!



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