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If you’re American, you MUST read this!

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Why the New World Order will Win UNLESS….

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For anyone who’s never heard of the New World Order let give a brief outline of who these criminals are. They are simply the elite of the world who are basically Fundamentalist Eugenics Terrorists who plan to kill off at least 80% of the world’s population. THAT MEANS YOU!

They are the top International Bankers as well as the parallel government who actually run the whole planet right now through their front organisation the UNITED NATIONS!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the UN cares about you, their own charter and basic policy is for population REDUCTION!

They don’t state how that’s to be carried out but if anyone interested looks up the health records from 50 or 60 years ago they will find that cancer was rare whereas now it is rampant. You might consider what happened to bring this about. Well, how about mass vaccinations? That’s when they started and it has been proven that the so called Polio vaccine was comtaminated with simian 40 cancer virus and STILL IS!

The fact that polio was reaching the end of it’s natural life cycle when the vaccines came out was covered up to give the impression that the vaccine worked. Furthermore, the inventor of the drug was Dr. Jonas Salk, who knew there was cancer virus in it, was a very prominent member of the Eugenics society. Look it up.

It should also be stated that there is not one vaccine which has ever been proven to protect against anything. THAT IS A FACT! All vaccines given are unproven and basically useless. DO NOT TAKE THEM!

It’s just been revealed that a new strain of the so called ‘swine flu’ (it’s never been found in a pig) has mutated in Brazil so wait for the panic to be hyped and the push for mass vaccinations. If you take the shot, you deserve what you get. SAY NO! DO NOT COMPLY!

Predictive Programming

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Just thought I’d start a list of films which involve predictive programming. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a method used by filmakers, mainly Hollywood (which is the wood that was always used to make magic wands in days of old, used to cast spells), to show the public and to familiarise us with the ideas shown in the movies so that when they happen we won’t be so traumatised by it as it will be lodged in our subconscious. Some of them show evidence of ancient religious customs/ beliefs for example the name Luke Skywalker in Star Wars is the name given to Lucifer in ancient times. So…take a look, open your mind and watch some of these. The first part of the Matrix would be a good start in one direction whilst 1984 takes you in another but you should be able to see glimpses of the world we now live in or are heading toeards in all of these films.


Brave New World

Fahrenheit 451

The Matrix (all three)

Children of Men


Code 46

Soylent Green

V for Vendetta

The Handmaid’s Tale

Population 436

They Live

The Final Cut

The International

Star Wars (All of them)

Star Trek (The original TV series and all the movies)

THX 1138

Wag the Dog

2001 A Space Odessey

2010 The Year We Made Contact

Dr Strangelove


Twelve Monkeys

Animal Farm

A Scanner Darkly

I know this list is limited but hopefully others can add their own


Carroll Quigley – Tragedy And Hope

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This is a huge book, 1311 pages covering world history from the late 19th century to the 1960’s. This guy was the official historian for the Council On Foreign Relations and knows a thing or two about how the world is manipulated by the elite of the world.

We are living in dangerous times and people really should start to read these kinds of books, including the likes of Bertrand Russell, Aldous Huxley (Author of Brave New World) , his brother Julian Huxley, H. G. Wells (Author of 1984) etc. These people were all moving in the elite circles in their day and told what was to come for humanity. As I said, we are now moving towards the world that these guys wrote about at a fair rate of knots and we need to start waking up and stopping from happening for our children, grandchildren etc or the next civilisation will be a totalitarian hell on earth on a level way past Hitler, Stalin, Moa, Polpot or any other lunatic dictator.


Time To Wake Up Your Family & Friends

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What will it take for people to break free of their indoctrination by the politicians and the mainstream media? I’ve been awake for quite a while now and keep waking up more and more every day through listening to alternative media, following up research etc…It takes a long time to catch up after being indoctrinated and trained from my schooldays if not before through, my parents, who had their own indoctrination before me and of course the mainstream media, particularly TELEVISION!

Anyone or should I say everyone, should turn off their TVs and start reading OLD history books, listen to alternative sources of media news and start opening their eyes to what’s going on around them and around the world. You have to start sayin NO NO NO to everything your goverments propose. They are doing nothing that is in your interests. They are simply following a UN agenda for world goverment by UNELECTED technocrats who’s prime charter is world DEPOPULATION. This is to be carried out by any possible means.

Think what that means…..ANY POSSIBLE MEANS! Look at medical records from approximately 50 years ago, at the death rates, the cancers, what people were dying from and compare them to today. What happened approximately 50 years ago? MASS VACCINATION of children with ‘vaccines’ proven to have contained simian viruses, that’s monkey viruses which are proven to be cancer causing. They were present in the polio vaccine pushed by the great saviour or humanity Dr. Jonas Salk who knew what was in these vaccines. What is not revealed about Jonas Salk is that he was a very well respected member of the EUGENICS SOCIETY!

Start saying NO! NO! NO!


Swine Flu Now A Pandemic, Yeah Right!

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How come there was massive hysteria surrounding swine flue flu not so long ago but now that it’s officially a level 6 pandemic it’s not being dicussed in the media? Has anyone in the media read the documents about what their governments can do to the people in these circumstances? Like being rounded up? Like being put in a camp? Like having your children taken of you, INDEFINATELY?

How about being SHOT if attemting to leave your home to go look for food for your family?

When will people wake up!