Time To Wake Up Your Family & Friends

What will it take for people to break free of their indoctrination by the politicians and the mainstream media? I’ve been awake for quite a while now and keep waking up more and more every day through listening to alternative media, following up research etc…It takes a long time to catch up after being indoctrinated and trained from my schooldays if not before through, my parents, who had their own indoctrination before me and of course the mainstream media, particularly TELEVISION!

Anyone or should I say everyone, should turn off their TVs and start reading OLD history books, listen to alternative sources of media news and start opening their eyes to what’s going on around them and around the world. You have to start sayin NO NO NO to everything your goverments propose. They are doing nothing that is in your interests. They are simply following a UN agenda for world goverment by UNELECTED technocrats who’s prime charter is world DEPOPULATION. This is to be carried out by any possible means.

Think what that means…..ANY POSSIBLE MEANS! Look at medical records from approximately 50 years ago, at the death rates, the cancers, what people were dying from and compare them to today. What happened approximately 50 years ago? MASS VACCINATION of children with ‘vaccines’ proven to have contained simian viruses, that’s monkey viruses which are proven to be cancer causing. They were present in the polio vaccine pushed by the great saviour or humanity Dr. Jonas Salk who knew what was in these vaccines. What is not revealed about Jonas Salk is that he was a very well respected member of the EUGENICS SOCIETY!

Start saying NO! NO! NO!



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