Predictive Programming

Just thought I’d start a list of films which involve predictive programming. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a method used by filmakers, mainly Hollywood (which is the wood that was always used to make magic wands in days of old, used to cast spells), to show the public and to familiarise us with the ideas shown in the movies so that when they happen we won’t be so traumatised by it as it will be lodged in our subconscious. Some of them show evidence of ancient religious customs/ beliefs for example the name Luke Skywalker in Star Wars is the name given to Lucifer in ancient times. So…take a look, open your mind and watch some of these. The first part of the Matrix would be a good start in one direction whilst 1984 takes you in another but you should be able to see glimpses of the world we now live in or are heading toeards in all of these films.


Brave New World

Fahrenheit 451

The Matrix (all three)

Children of Men


Code 46

Soylent Green

V for Vendetta

The Handmaid’s Tale

Population 436

They Live

The Final Cut

The International

Star Wars (All of them)

Star Trek (The original TV series and all the movies)

THX 1138

Wag the Dog

2001 A Space Odessey

2010 The Year We Made Contact

Dr Strangelove


Twelve Monkeys

Animal Farm

A Scanner Darkly

I know this list is limited but hopefully others can add their own



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