Here are a bunch of peer-reviewed paper by REAL SCIENTISTS and many media reports showing that the case for man-made global warming is a fraud and always has been!

• Here are a bunch of articles on the Great Climategate Scam Exposed, following hacked e-mail exchanges coming to light, concerning global warming professors agreeing to fudge the data, etc.:

450 Peer-Reviewed Papers Supporting Skepticism of “Man-Made” Global Warming 
“Breaking News Story: CRU has apparently been hacked – hundreds of files released” ( – Nov. 19, 2009.

  “Climategate: the final nail in the coffin of ‘Anthropogenic Global Warming’?” by James Delingpole ( – Nov. 20, 2009.

“Hacked E-Mail Is New Fodder for Climate Dispute” [Hacked E-mail Exchanges of Global Warming Con-Men] by Andrew C. Revkin ( – Nov. 21, 2009.

Link to E-mails in .zip file – “Climate audit whistleblower FOIA / / File size: 61.93 MB” (

“Warmist conspiracy exposed?” [Warming Scientists’ e-mails expose Tremendous Fraud] by Andrew Bolt ( – Nov. 20, 2009.

“Climate Scientists Alleged to Have Manipulated Data” ( – Nov. 23, 2009.

“Climate change denial MEP attacks church” [Member of Euro-Parliament Blasts Church for Preaching Global Warming] by Allegra Stratton ( – Nov. 20, 2009.

“IMF warns second bailout would ‘threaten democracy’ ” [Democracy Can’t Tolerate Second Bailout] by Angela Jameson and Elizabeth Judge ( – Nov. 23, 2009.

“EU history will be all the history taught in schools” [EU History to Replace all Countries’ Histories] by Christopher Booker ( – Nov. 21, 2009.

“Author Francesco Stipo to Present Book ‘World Federalist Manifesto’ at the National Press Club” [Club of Rome Director presents World Federalist Manifesto] (


Phil Jones Collected 13.7 Million Pounds in Grants
(“Hacked: Hadley CRU FOI2009 Files” [Scroll Down to Phil Jones to see his Grants] (

Lord Monkton on Climategate Scandal
(“Viscount Monckton on Climategate: ‘They Are Criminals’ ” ( – Nov. 23, 2009.)

“Lord Christopher Monckton: President Obama Poised to Cede US Sovereignty” [Choose 4-minute Video or Full Version] ( – October 16, 2009

“Is the Copenhagen treaty about creating a world government?” [Lord Monckton Interview in Australia] at 2GB Media Player (

Calls for Inquiry into UEA Global Warming Manipulation
(“Lord Lawson calls for public inquiry into UEA global warming data ‘manipulation’ ” by Matthew Moore ( – Nov. 23, 2009.)

Good Spoof on Secret Life of Climate Researchers
(“Iowahawk Geographic: The Secret Life of Climate Researchers” ( – Nov. 24, 2009.)

“Hiding evidence of global cooling” ( – Nov. 24, 2009.

Crisis Choir Rev Up For Copenhagen
(“Global warming science alarming, say climate experts” ( – Nov. 24, 2009.)

Humour: Hide the Decline Video:

Climategate, Sen. Inhofe, Stuart Varney and Ed Begley Jr.

Nov.25 & 26th

National Review – The Dog Ate Global Warming

Environ-Mental-ist Goes Nuts on TV

Obama to Sign Copenhagen Agreement

“Why ‘climategate’ won’t stop greens”

Prime Minister Brown Proposes a Copenhagen Fund To Tax Declining Nations into Further Poverty and Pay 3rd World not to Pollute

Climategate Keeps Rolling

New Zealand’s Creative Warming Trend Exposed

New Zealand’s Fudged Warming Trend Exposed

“CSIRO moves to put gag on scientists”

Holdren, Science Czar Involved in Climategate

World duped on climate change


“Minister Cramer at the Club of Rome’s Global Assembly” (

Mann’s Hockey Stick Graph without Imaginative Science
(“What does the global warming hockey stick look like when you don’t ‘hide the decline?’ ” ( – Nov. 30, 2009.

IPCC Scientist says Scientists Should be Fired
(“Climategate: sack ‘no longer credible’ Michael Mann from IPCC urges climatologist” by James Delingpole ( – Nov. 27, 2009.)

Climate Cult Con–Children Taught Propaganda Songs
(“Climate-cult con is hard to ‘bear’ ” ( – Nov. 30, 2009.)

Climate Data Dumped–Cannot Be Verified
(“Climate change data dumped” by Jonathan Leake ( – Nov. 29, 2009.)

UN Chief Urges Leaders to Sign Deal on Copenhagen Treaty
(“UN chief urges leaders to ‘seal deal’ on climate change” ( – Nov. 28, 2009.)


Global Warming Lies

I Love My Carbon Dioxide

“Another Ice Age?” Time Magazine ( – June 24, 1974.,9171,944914,00.html

“1975 Newsweek On The Coming Ice Age – The Cooling World” (at – April 28, 1975.

“Today It’s Global Warming; In the ’70s It was the Coming Ice Age” by John Barnes ( – April 22, 2009.

Video: “Behind the Green Curtain (Environmentalism used for Land Grabbing) – 39:32” ( – April 5, 2006.


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