The Green Party

It truly is laughable at the ignorance of Green Party members, (use that word in whatever connotation seems fit) one of whom has recently condemned my opinion that anthropogenic global warming is a fraud despite the scandal brewing at the moment regarding the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit, and indeed compared that to the opinion of David Icke that reptiles once ruled the earth.

This idiot doesn’t even know that David Icke used to be in the British Green Party!!!!!!

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. These people do no research whatsoever. They simply believe every concocted piece of hot air that comes out of the mouths of the bishops of the Church of Climatology. They have no facts, they have no free will to think for themselves, they are simply sheep being led by wolves, if only they knew it.

But how could they know, love like faith is very blind indeed!



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