Green Party Decomposing! DO NOT RECYCLE!

It really is revealing when the Green Party in Ireland, and I’m sure elsewhere still cling to the delusion that they can keep quoting IPCC reports as validation that man is detroying the planet with CO2.

They cannot seem to grasp the fact that these reports have been compiled from the very same data that has been shown to have been falsified at the University of East Anglia. They are delusional or simply suffer from a mass mental illness.

If evidence is placed in front of someone and they refuse to look at it or deny it exists then the straightjacket is the only cure because the party concerned have obviously lost the faculty of critical thought or any grasp of reality of the situation laid out out before them.

However, these people are in power or have influence in the corridors of power around the world whilst being a minority Communist/Marxist movement. In that respect thay are extremely dangerous people and need to be exposed for what they are. I urge you to persistently attack, with the power of the pen, or keyboard, every Green Party member in your country, with the overwhelming evidence that they are wrong on every count related to climate change.

Their ideology is indeed Marxist with the end result being the formation of a Soviet system world government. The Lisbon Treaty forms a large part of such a world government. The new EU President stated in his opening speech that the Copenhagen Treaty would form an important plank of the New World government (Order). We should be very concerned.

Climategate is an opportunity for all of us concerned for our freedoms and those of our future generations, to destroy this plank of the New World Order and expose the deception and lies perpetrated by those apparently harmless ‘tree huggers’ of the environmental movement, namely the Green Party.

Throw these cretins in the trash where they belong, tear up all EU treaties and let’s get back to living our lives as free human beings without the Orwellian shackles of these monsters around our necks.

It’s time for non-violent action to expose the criminality which has been perpetrated for many decades, expose these charlatans and snake oil salesmen, charge them for their crimes and lock them up for the charge of crimes against humanity, treason to their own countries and put them away for rest of their lives. Compassion is not an option with these maniacs, they are dangerous people who do not deserve to live in a free and just society with the views they hold.

They must be routed from positions of power and influence and their party destroyed, never to see the light of day again.

Those fanatics who’s ideology includes mass extermination of the population, by any means possible deserve no quarter from us. The likes of Holdren, Suzuki, Pianka etc etc etc are monsters which in any decent moral society would not be allowed to peddle the language of genocide in public. They would indeed be locked up in a secure mental institution.

That is what needs to happen.

Climategate is a good start!



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