The Green Party Disease

What are the Green Party? What do they stand for? Do they deserve your vote, or anybody’s vote or that matter?

Unfortunately, in Ireland, where 3% of the population voted for these green goblins, we have them in power, in a coalition government, dictating to us, the vast majority who would rather try to survive without green taxes (cons) than live in a Green world where growing your own food will have you classed as a terrorist.

The Green Party, wherever you find them, either in  national or local councils, must be challenged.Their standard of living, already well above all of the slave classes, and make no mistake, that’s what we are, will either stay at a level which they’ll all salivate over, but will never change but in the meantime, the rest of us will literally be close to starvation.

Think people  THINK!

Vive la revalucion!


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