Green Party Solution to Sustainability? Bankruptcy!

It’s a sad day when a party with virtually no public support can decide the fate of the nation.We truly do live in a post-democratic society when the public are ruled by Finna Fail rejects who’ve discovered the gravy train og the environmental movement. The spotty faced geeks who glory in the latest fashion accessory, a set of sparkly bicycle clips.

Unfortunately a so called ‘sceptical’ public will swallow this nonsense of ‘climate change’ hook, line and sinker and believe again the hollow promises put out for their consumption by these power hungry minnows in the political system. This is not being done in any pretence at the national interest and for anyone who believes otherwise, let me offer you a cosy bungalow on the moon with a beautiful sea view.

The Greens are clinging onto power whilst steering the public like sheep towards the abyss with the pack of hounds salivating over the remains simply to satisfy a cult of religious zealotry and belief around the pseudo scientific claptrap based on the theory of man-made climate change otherwise known as the weather.

Waiting for the budget was not an option. These acolytes of Gaia worship should have been routed long ago before they plunged this country into a quagmire of ever increasing carbon taxes which will cost us dearly in every aspect of our lives.

Why can’t the public see through these scammers? Are we simply punch drunk with the amount of lies coming out of the mouths of politicians that we have come to accept that that’s just the way it is?

If we are supposed to accept that whatever politicians say to get elected is irrelevant and that we should judge them, not on promises, but on their actions within government then where is the justification for allowing this government to continue? Their actions have been nothing short of criminal.

They work for us, the people, and we should have the right to say when they go. The Green Party minions have NO right to be dictating policy to the whole country based on 5% of the national vote. What is it about Democracy that the Irish people just don’t seem capable of grasping?

The gang of crooks ruling our lives are certainly making no pretence at it and simply continue to treat the public like endentured slaves to grease the palms of ecofascists and International bankers.

We, the public, are the majority here, not the Green party. It’s about time our voices were heard loud and clear in the corridors of power. This government is devoid of ideas and morally bankrupt. Don’t let them bankrupt us!


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