Global Warming Rhetoric Full Of Hot Air!

This is the greatest pseudo ‘scientific’ fraud ever to be perpetrated on humanity and it is incredible, that to my dismay, in correspondence with leading members within the Green Party, that I find they are still clinging by their fingernails to discredited IPCC reports on ‘climate change’. (Weather). I also find it astonishing that the mainstream media has not produced one article or TV expose of any merit on this scandal which was revealed three weeks ago.

There are scientists and prominent sceptics around the world now calling for a criminal investigation of this issue under ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ legislation because that is exactly what it is, a crime against the most vulnerable human beings on this planet, mainly in the Third World.

Legislation brought about by these IPCC reports, through the United Nations, based on the manipulation of data, have led to millions of deaths in the Third World from starvation alone.

This will be further exacerbated should the Dopenhagen Summit ride the tsunami of fanatacism they are so good at portraying in a similar fashion to Hitlers Nazis complete with their idiotic brainwashed minions exactly like the Brownshirts of the Hitler Youth Brigade. Unfortunately these ‘useful idiots’ will chant the chants and wave their banners with no idea of who is funding them or what the real agenda is which will of course lead to the imposition of  worldwide Cap & Trade legislation whilst doing absolutely NOTHING for the environment these idiots think they’re saving.

This will hugely increase the cost of everything, including staple foods such as wheat and corn which will then become unaffordable to millions more in the Third World who will inevitably die of starvation brought about directly by United Nation actions. Maybe then the ‘useful’ idiots will be conned into waving the next set of banners about there being ‘too many people, too many people’ not realising that they have been moved along into the overt eugenicist agenda.

Let’s get off the fence and call this exactly what it is. IT IS GENOCIDE! A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!


Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Polpot etc etc etc would be so proud of their little fools with the banners and the little fools will keep waving them until one day the next generation of Brownshirts comes looking for them! TOO LATE!

When this scandal is fully investigated, every piece of legislation brought into being under the scam of anthropogenic global warming, should be negated immediately.

This lunacy needs to stop right now and I hope the Green Party and their minority of supporters are hanging their heads in shame and I challenge them to step up to the plate to admit once and for all that they have indeed been well and truly duped.


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