Juvenile Junk Science for Cannon Fodder ‘Journalist’

Whether anyone agrees or disagrees with the editorial line taken by this publication on any issue is irrelevant when it comes to John Gibbons numerous articles published herein.  
This today is just another example of a litany of, dare I say, ‘journalistic’ pomposity from a ‘journalist’ who clearly shows his contempt for the intelligence of the readers of this paper with this utterly childish fantasy column.  
It is beneath any standard of real journalism, if there is any standard left, to have this tripe put across as either informative or, in has in any way, any relationship to reality.  
The science is settled indeed. It is settled in terms of the fakery and deceit as proven by the Climategate Scandal.  
The IPCC reports these cabbage patch environmentalists cling to have been PROVEN to have been falsified.  
If there are indeed trials as a result of this debacle then these reports will simply be cited as inadmissable as evidence due to the very FACT that the data contained is FALSE.  
What is it that the green army don’t understand?  
They should look deep within their own psyche and ask themselves whether they want to be part of a hijacked environmental movement, with all of it’s legitimate concerns, now being used to bring about the greatest con in history and which is already the cause of death of millions of innocent people around the world who simply wish for their own and their children’s survival which advocates for the IPCC, including the ‘writer’ of this utterly disengenuous insult to intelligence would DENY them.  
There is another science that was still promoted in America up until the mid 1970’s,where it was originally spawned in cooperation with Britain.  
That is the ‘science’ of EUGENICS.  
This is the Green Agenda and that is why we see millions of, particularly Africans, dying of starvation today.  


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