Juvenile Junk Science for Cannon Fodder ‘Journalist’

Oh dear,  
I really thought John Gibbons would too embarassed to start this nonsense again.  
Will he never learn?  

He must really be a true believer in the scourges of Fascism and Communism which this whole carbon con is going to bring about across the world. I doubt very much whether he’s even seen what’s in the Dopenhagen Treaty. I wonder if he’ll still be so smug when the climate cops come knocking on his door to tell him he can’t live in his house because it’s not up to ‘eco’ standard as decided by some creep in a black uniform.  
He really is deluded or has a distinct liking for the fascist/communist ideal.  
To try to totally reverse the debate in terms of facts etc shows that you have indeed read a bit of Orwell.  

Also to still cling to discredited and frankly fraudulent IPCC reports and the ‘peer-review’ process is nothing short of imbecilic. The people involved in the whole IPCC process have been caught ‘green handed’, lying, manipulating data, destroying data, attacking the very scientists who tried to ‘peer-review’ their bogus science, got people thrown out of jobs and indeed threatened others.  
This doesn’t sound like anyone I’d put my trust in and neither should any level headed person which I’m sure you think you are.  
Whichever it is, the vast majority don’t want to hear it Mr. Gibbons. Your cohort Mr. Tol was savaged in this paper (The Irish Times) last week as you will be this week.  
You quoted Keynes.  
Well let me suggest that FACTS don’t change, only theories change when the FACTS come to light.  
The FACTS have come to light in this case through ‘Climategate’ which us so called ‘deniers’ have known about for some time.

However if you subscribe to his view then surely the facts have changed but you still have your head very much buried in the sand because as you say yourself this could be ‘psychologically destructive’. I suggest in seeking the truth you should give it a try. That would be far less destructive than living the lie.  
Let me suggest you give it a try, practice what you preach, look at the FACTS not the lies of the IPCC and do the right thing, repent!


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