The Green ‘F’ Word Sickness Is Spreading.

Maybe the Green Party have taken too much of Donald Rumsfeld’s Tamiflu or a dose or two of Baxter’s toxic ‘vaccine because I tell you, these guys are getting more insane by the day.

Not so long ago one of their minions told me to, no wait I’ll cut and paste this eloquent gentlemans phrasology. Here it is:

Neil Foster wrote:

I would like you to comment on the fact that the IPCC is now an obsolete organisation following the revelations, sadly not reported in this country for some reason, that they have been manipulating data in a fraudulent attempt to prove the case for AGW.
Garreth McDaid, Green Party Representative for Roscommon/Sligo/Leitrim wrote:

Fuck off, you idiot.
Will that suffice?

Now you might think that maybe this guy has just had a bad day, maybe his favourite dress has shrunk in the wash or he’s soiled his nappy but then this happens to one of his superior comrades in the Irish Parliament today:

This is like watching a schizophrenic schoolboy on crack! It seems that the ‘F’ word is very much part of the Green lexicon, so much so they just can’t help themselves using it!

Congratulations to Mr. Gogarty for this circus clown act of pompous indignation and juvenile name calling which seems to be the trademark of this ecofascist group of fundametalists that all well meaning and genuine environmetalists should distance themselves from before they become infected with the same level of religious zealotry as espoused by this clown.


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