We’re ‘Sceptics’ No More, We Are The Realists!

 ‘The climate sceptics may be right — but are we willing to gamble’.

This was the title of a recent article in the Irish Independent

The title of this article says it all.

If the ‘sceptics may be right’, and I include myself amongst them if that’s how the AGW/Green lobby wish to protray us, I simply don’t like being lied and treated like a fool, then surely, until an investigation into, what could possibly be the biggest scientific fraud in history takes place, we will not know if they are right or not.

Instead the Copenhagen Summit will go full steam ahead imposing carbon taxes across the planet which will destroy industry will cost lives in the Third World through implementation of unnecessary regulations.

Surely the sensible course of action would be to allow a serious, independent enquiry, outside of the United Nations and the IPCC, followed by a criminal case being taken against any of those accused of what would indeed be fraud on a mammoth scale, if wrongdoing is found to have taken place?

We need to investigate so called ‘expert opinion’ in every institution, in every country, including Ireland, where this data is being provided from, to ensure its accuracy and reliability. Without such confidence in the true data related to climate we will never know the truth.

This issue is far too important for the truth to become a victim of fear mongering, propaganda and denial. I would expect that due to the seriousness of the charges of manipulation, and indeed falsification of science to fit a political agenda, that any investigation would be given huge priority and could be done within 6 months to a year at the most. I’m pretty convinced that the world is not going to end within that timeframe due to ‘climate change’.

Is this too much to ask in the search for the truth, wherever it may be, on an issue which, to ‘global warming’ advocates is the most important threat facing our planet and is going to be used to bring about changes in the very fabric of society for generations to come?

What if they are wrong?

What if it is actually getting colder as advocated by many scientists, temperature records and sceptics alike?

Wouldn’t it be insanity to try to organise a world society around the theory that the planet is warming when it’s actually cooling?

Shouldn’t we know the truth before making rash commitments to something which may not even exist?

Can we financially afford to spend countless sums of money on ‘carbon credits’ should we fail to meet our ‘carbon emissions’ targets which may be irrelevant?

Can any of us, whether advocates or sceptics afford to take these risks before we know the truth?

We need a thorough investigation before everyone in society is encumbered with carbon taxes on every facet of our lives at a time when we can least afford any new taxes for any justifiable reason not to mention for an issue that is now, it seems, very much up in the air!


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