The Green’F’ Word is FANATIC!

The Green ‘F’ word is ‘FANATIC!’

When you hear about a Green TD using the ‘F’ word we’re never quite sure which word it is they refer to.

Does it mean ‘frog,’ which we’ve all spent €125,000 onhere in Ireland, to count how many grace our waterways whilst the general public, hit by massive floods a few weeks ago unhappily have to swim through these very same waterways as they pour into their living rooms?

No frogs to see here Mr. Gormley, just ruined lives.

 I Can’t Answer the Effing Question!

 Then there’s the other ‘F’ word which I’m sure we’re very familiar with and have used ourselves on perhaps more than one occasion.

 However, if I write to my local representative, namely Garreth McDaid, the Green Party Representative of my constituency, on an important issue such as the scandal of ‘Climategate’, you’d expect a reasonable reply.

A simple ‘No comment’ would do. But no; unfortunately, in a show of mindless buffoonery his reply was simply, and I quote:

 “Fuck off you idiot, will that suffice?”

 Perhaps this is an automated response from the Green Party to a probing question?

 I thought I’d complain to Green Party TD, Paul Gogarty, whom I thought would be more intelligent, mature and well balanced than the yapping puppy in Roscommon.

 Oh dear, never assume!

 Straight From the Horse’s Gas: Methane Moments

 Re Garreth McDaid

“I agree with his sentiment certainly… I have been tempted to use the same phraseology many times myself and may yet do so…”

 Re my opinion on Climategate

“Unfortunately while I acknowledge there are fanatics out there of all persuasions, it seems you have been persuaded by more sinister ones than I.”

 “It is interesting that most of the conspiracy theories abounding are propagated and funded by oil companies.”

 Re his duty to the public he works for:

“I might work for you, as you say, but I also work for millions of others…”

 Re his ideology

“In actual fact what should be done is that we in the West should live like paupers for 50 years…”

 Gogarty Has a Go-Go

 But in fairness to the deluded and misinformed Mr. Gogarty, we finally witnessed a politician live up to his promise when he stood up the Dail and shouted down a fellow TD who doubted Mr. Gogarty’s sincerity, with the words:

“Fuck you Deputy Stagg, Fuck you”

Is this the response you expect from an elected official who is the spokesperson on education for his party?

 A Sickly Shade of Green Delusion

When temptation is put in the way of a fanatic, they are tempted. When a fanatic is in government the temptation is to be fanatical.

Perhaps I was mistaken giving credit to Mr. Gogarty purely because he’s an elected official? But then again, he does serve millions of people, somewhere in the green, green grass of his own head where voting numbers seem to multiply with no fertiliser in sight.

Perhaps the figures are done on computer models or are simply a ‘fantasy election league’ played at Green Party Conferences?

No, he’s simply deluded. He means the few thousand who voted for him in this country. Or considering the Marxist doctrine followed by the Green Movement, perhaps he means those millions in China, who I suggest he agrees with, particularly in terms of their population control policies.

Oh yes, and he thinks we’ve to live like paupers for 50 years.

I’ve been to Eastern Europe and I’ve seen the effects of poverty after 50 years of Communism. It’s still there. Isn’t it pretty obvious at this stage that’s exactly what’s going to happen when these sickening lunatics can tax us for breathing amongst other bizarre frauds?

Is poverty his idea of Eutopia? If so I suggest he takes a trip to Haiti and gorges himself on mud pies, made with real mud, that the ‘paupers’ have to eat to survive, or not, as the case may be, because of ‘Green’ policies, although he’d probably want to tax them on methane production, so maybe he better stay here and tax us into poverty instead. Lots of mud round here yum yum.

Oiling the Carbon Machine

Last but not least, Mr. ‘Global Warming’ Al Gore. The greatest conman on the planet is, yes…an oilman who is set to become the world’s first carbon billionaire, not by ‘inventing’ the Internet as he claims, but by trading carbon; you know, that stuff we’re made of, through his own corporation, with his partner, David Blood, ‘Generation Investment Management’ making him the wealthiest pauper on planet Earth. Yep, the Blood and Gore Corp. These guys do have a sense of humour but you won’t be laughing!

The Real Green Agenda

The facts are,  Mr. Gogarty, that ‘Green policies’ have led to the deaths of millions in the Third World from starvation due to almost one third of the developed world’s agricultural land being taken out of food production ‘to save the environment’ or in my opinion to kill human beings surplus to requirements. But then of course we’re told that there are ‘too many people’ by too many ‘greenies’. So, I suppose going ‘green’ means killing off the excess population if that’s your fancy. Unfortunately that’s called GENOCIDE!

Everybody should be extremely worried about allowing a tiny minority of ideological lunatics of any persuasion to dictate government policy to the majority based on extremist ideology and pseudo science.

Carbon taxes are a tax on life, based on lies and fraud, advocated by fanatics, intent on reducing populations, by ANY means, to control what’s left of the human race on this planet in a state of perpetual slavery.

This is not science fiction.




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