Crooked Pachauri the Victim? Must Be a Conspiracy!

James Delingpole

Pachauri: it’s all a terrible conspiracy

Ignore anything remotely untoward you may have read about Dr Rajendra Pachauri – distinguished, much-respected and not at all troll-like head of the IPCC – here, here, here or here. Turns out, it’s all complete lies: part of an evil conspiracy by various powerful but (unspecified) vested interests desperate to make the AGW industry look like a crooks’ charter when in fact AGW is totally true and real and even more dangerous than we had hitherto ever imagined. (Hat tip: Plato Says)

How do we know this? Because Dr Pachauri says so in his latest blog for the Guardian.

He tells us:

It is a well-known fact that powerful vested interests and those opposed to action on climate change are working overtime to see that they can stall action for as long as possible.

What’s more, he hasn’t made a penny out of all the advice he gives to carbon trading businesses and such-like:

As for pecuniary benefits from advice that I may be rendering to profit making organisations, these payments are all made directly to my institute, without a single penny being received by me.

It’s the poor who stand to suffer most from any further delay on climate-change legislation says this deeply ascetic man:

Delay in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases would only lead to worse impacts of climate change and growing hardship for the most vulnerable regions in the world, which are also unfortunately some of the poorest communities on earth.

He is telling us all this because we need to be vigilant against the dark forces of denialism and scepticism which, like the Orcish hordes of Mordor, threaten in the coming year to trample all over The Shire and its peaceful, honest, vegetarian community of scientists, green activists, nurturing technocrats, and sweet, gentle, life-affirming carbon traders.

Or, as he slightly less colourfully puts it:

I am providing this background only to highlight the fact that powerful vested interests are perhaps likely to get overactive in the coming months, and would perhaps do everything in their power to impede progress towards a binding agreement that is hoped for by the end of 2010 in the next major climate negotiations in Mexico City.

Those two perhapses are my favourite bit.


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