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Free Speech Being Killed Off Completely!

Posted in A Little Ranting! on July 3, 2009 by newsreelneil

Well, it was bound to happen. When people start to really get at the truth of how the world works, the criminal governments, the parallel government (the real rulers of the world), they bring in new laws to stop any desent whatsoever. The international bankers of course run the whole planet and are self professed eugenicists. It is their stated goal to depopulate the planet of the likes of you and I by a minimum of 80%.

How do you propose they’re going to do that? Let me think now…..Hmm perhaps a REAL flu pandemic? Listen folks, if the flu doesn’t kill you, and this current flu, proven to have been made in a lab, WON’T unless you have some other serious condition then the phoney vaccines, made by criminal pharmaceutical companies, ie BAXTER (see the link) Here’s another one, there are many .

You must look into what has been going on in the WHOLE WORLD since 9/11 and realise that we are being repressed more and more with stupid laws which are simply designed to repress us, the ordinary people of the world, even more to serve the agenda of the criminal elite.

Free speech is being legislated against around the world, with the same laws, at the same time, with the same penalties. Must be a coincidence right? GET REAL! WAKE UP!

If you’re still of the opinion that 9/11 was carrid out by 19 Arabs with boxcutters, despite the FACT that at least 6 of the ‘suicide bombers’ are still alive and well and had nothing to do with it, then you are really living in the matrix. Here’s what really happened on 9/11. Time you started believing the unbelievable!

Here’s an article that shows the links between rogue elements in the US military and Al Queda. People have to realise that Al Queda simply means ‘the Database’ which is the name given to it by it’s CIA handlers when then created Al Queda!

Here’s the history of Al Queda, and yes the CIA really has been paying them to attack US forces in Iraq! Get your heads out of the sand, stop watching the mainstream propaganda machine that is the mainstream media. ALL OF IT!

Time to wake up and start trying to change whatever you can about this world because it’s belongs to every person on this planet yet there are a relatively few very very wealthy elites who want it all for themselves and will use whatever SHEEPLE they can to get it.

This includes the phoney environmental movements. Did you know that the OFFICIAL colour of COMMUNISM is GREEN? Red is simply the colour used to signify REVOLUTION.

Do you know that Michael Gorbachov is the official leader of the GREEN movement? Of course that’s just another coincidence isn’t it?




When you have to pay your carbon taxes on every aspect of your life maybe you’ll pay attention but that will be too late.


Here’s something else to watch if you can drag yourself away from your favourite soap or whatever other garbage you think is reality.

I do hope I get at least a couple of comments on this because it is probably the most important era in human history and we have to stand up TOGETHER and start saying NO!


Time To Wake Up Your Family & Friends

Posted in A Little Ranting! on June 14, 2009 by newsreelneil

What will it take for people to break free of their indoctrination by the politicians and the mainstream media? I’ve been awake for quite a while now and keep waking up more and more every day through listening to alternative media, following up research etc…It takes a long time to catch up after being indoctrinated and trained from my schooldays if not before through, my parents, who had their own indoctrination before me and of course the mainstream media, particularly TELEVISION!

Anyone or should I say everyone, should turn off their TVs and start reading OLD history books, listen to alternative sources of media news and start opening their eyes to what’s going on around them and around the world. You have to start sayin NO NO NO to everything your goverments propose. They are doing nothing that is in your interests. They are simply following a UN agenda for world goverment by UNELECTED technocrats who’s prime charter is world DEPOPULATION. This is to be carried out by any possible means.

Think what that means…..ANY POSSIBLE MEANS! Look at medical records from approximately 50 years ago, at the death rates, the cancers, what people were dying from and compare them to today. What happened approximately 50 years ago? MASS VACCINATION of children with ‘vaccines’ proven to have contained simian viruses, that’s monkey viruses which are proven to be cancer causing. They were present in the polio vaccine pushed by the great saviour or humanity Dr. Jonas Salk who knew what was in these vaccines. What is not revealed about Jonas Salk is that he was a very well respected member of the EUGENICS SOCIETY!

Start saying NO! NO! NO!


It’s Not Just Free Speech That’s Going, It’s Freedom!

Posted in A Little Ranting! on May 21, 2009 by newsreelneil

Just been reading an article about a guy in England who had sent letters to the home secretary Jackylin Smith recently calling her a communist and criticising her for bringing in the police state.

Guess what? He got a letter from his doctor to go in for a check up. Turns out he’s been reported by a secretive department of government called the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre. So he goes to the doctor, the doctor is rightfully embarrassed at calling him in as he is to assess the man’s state of mind. This is shocking!

It just shows how far we’ve gone down the road of totalitarianism. This is the kind of thing Hitler and Stalin did to get rid of their enemies. If you are assessed to be of unsound mind and have written to a polition showing disent at their actions, those who YOU employ and who work for YOU then you can and will be locked up INDEFINATELY with no recourse to justice whatsoever!

It’s time for people to get a grip on reality, turn off your TVs, stop playing pathetic computer games and surfing porn on the web and get yourself informed. If you don’t then you deserve what’s coming in the not too distant future, and it won’t be pleasant!


The Loss of Free Speech….It’s on the Way!

Posted in A Little Ranting! on May 12, 2009 by newsreelneil

Free speech is a right of everyone on the planet. It doesn’t matter what people say or what they make films/documentaries about, free speech MUST be upheld for the freedom of us all, to have the right to speak our minds, to have the right to dissent and protest injustice and to be allowed to expose criminals in government. Unfortunately it’s the ones in government who are the biggest criminals. They run the drugs our youth are addicted to, the run the big corporations who are poisoning our food. They run prostitution rings and pedaphilia rings where they kidnap children. There are pedophiles in governments, it’s well documented. Everyone with a strong stomach should read ‘Tranceformation of America’ by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Philips.

It’s now been announced that Google who are owned by the CIA are stopping Google Video thus stopping alternative documentary evidence of government and corporate crime. Their sub site YouTube are also heavily censoring alternative news clips and sites. In the USA it is an offence to upset someone online now! You can’t criticise Obama without facing charges! In the UK it is now a criminal offence to say something which might hurt someone’s feelings. Here in Ireland they are tinkering with an idiotic blasphemy law which will curtail free speech in all it’s forms. In Australia, Canada and many western countries a similar law to the UK’s is in place.

This is an attack on us all as the New World Order are clearly being successfully attacked in the alternative media to the extent that they are speeding up their criminal, eugenics programs around the world. We all need to stand up and say ‘NO’ to any anti free speech laws regardless of the consequences. A song title by The Manic Street Preachers says it all ‘If You Tolerate This, Then Your Children Will Be Next’.

We are heading to a completely controlled society, run by the criminal governments and criminal bankers. If people want to live in a totalitarian, facist, communist system where the criminally insane eugenicists want to reduce the world population by 80%, YES I SAID 80%, then sit watching you American Idol or X Factor mind numbing TV and eating your fast food and aspartame laced soft drinks. They will kill you one way or another. Just remember the world you’re leaving for your children.


The Flying Pig Flu

Posted in A Little Ranting!, Swine Flu, Avian Flu & The Simple Ahh Choo Flu! on May 9, 2009 by newsreelneil

Isn’t it strange how quickly the flu scare has disappeared? Last week we were being terrorised by the media telling us to stay at home and that this was a pandemic. It was nothing of the sort, it was simply a trial run to see how much crap people would believe and a test of reaction by the public to ascertain how easily we could be controlled. It worked, people were scared. Why? Because they are ignorant and basically just sheep being led to the slaughterhouse at the next time of asking. Come the autumn we’ve been promised that this flu will come back worse than this so we should head off to get Baxter Pharmaceutical’s vaccine when it’s ready, just in time. Baxter are the same company, who a few months ago, ‘tested’ a vaccine on homeless people in Poland killing at least 20 people. They knew they had done this yet still shipped out the ‘vaccine’ to 18 countries. They were caught out by a doctor in the Czech Republic who, as a matter of routine, tested the ‘vaccine’ on ferrets  which all died. It turns out that the ‘vaccine’ contained two strains of LIVE bird flu. They said it was an accident but scientists all around the world have stated that this is impossible. That leaves only one conclusion and that is that this company, who in recent history, also knowingly sent out the contaminated factor 8 blood products around the world contaminated with the HIV virus and who a little further back supplied Hitler with Zyclon B to gas the Jews in the concentration camps are part of the New World Order’s plans to exterminate 80% of the world’s population. I ask you, why would anyone trust these people to supply a vaccine and why have the WHO given them the contract? Isn’t it blatantly obvious?

Argh!!!! Busy today

Posted in A Little Ranting! on May 9, 2009 by newsreelneil

Been kinda busy today so not had a chance to add much. I’ve been writing to the Irish Examiner newspaper in reply to an untterly hypocritical article by Matt Cooper entitled ‘Don’t Shoot The Messenger – The media has a duty to tell it like it is’. Well, they never do and it’s about time they started. They may have to get rid of corrupt private owners and slave editors to achieve that! Let’s hope they make a start sometime soon. You know, these so called ‘journalists’ I assume have families. What do they think is going on in the world? Can’t they see through the crap they write? Do they want to live in a totalitarian world? Do they somehow think that they’ll be immune from tyranny if or when it comes?

They’re not only trying to fool the public with the trash they write, they’re also deluding themselves which I suppose is some comfort when we’re standing behind the barbed wire together. The difference then will be that they won’t be allowed to say or write anything, it’ll be too late to for truth and freedom.