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The Arrogance & Hidden Agenda Of The ‘Trusted’ Media

Posted in The Global Warming Scam on May 15, 2009 by newsreelneil

Just posted this on a site called This site is run by the founder of the organisation John Gibbons. This person is the environmental journalist for the Irish Times and will not even listen to any alternative view that manmade global warming is not true. My friend has just spoken to this, I hate to use the word gentleman, and was basically dismissed as he was not educated in a university so was obviously ignorant of the facts. When my friend challenged him further he was asked where he lived and where he worked in an obvious attempt at intimidation. This is an absolute disgrace by a national broadsheet newspaper journalist and smacks of facism. I just thought people should know how the so called ‘free’ press operates in this country. This is my rebuttal of this arrogant fool.

I think your readers, both here and in the Irish Times would be very interested in a few quotes from the ‘believers’ of this multi billion dollar scam although I’ve no dubt this post will be deleted. However, this will simply prove the point that it is you and your brainwashed readers who are the ones in denial.

“We need to get some broad based support,
to capture the public’s imagination…
So we have to offer up scary scenarios,
make simplified, dramatic statements
and make little mention of any doubts…
Each of us has to decide what the right balance
is between being effective and being honest.”
– Prof. Stephen Schneider,
Stanford Professor of Climatology,
lead author of many IPCC reports.

“It doesn’t matter what is true,
it only matters what people believe is true.”
– Paul Watson,
co-founder of Greenpeace.

“The models are convenient fictions
that provide something very useful.”
– Dr David Frame,
climate modeler, Oxford University (Useful for what?)

There are literally dozens of such quotes. I think it is about time you and your elite friends admit what the true agenda of the manmade global warming scam is. It is nothing more than a device to bring about global government. The following quote clearly spells that out:
The common enemy of humanity is man.
In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up
with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming,
water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these
dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through
changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.
The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”
– Club of Rome,
premier environmental think-tank,
consultants to the United Nations.

You and I well know, although your readers may not, that Al Gore is a member of this club. They are eugenicists who intend to eliminate 80% of the world’s population. I think it’s only fair and resonable to let your readers know that whatever happens to the planet over the next few decades they may well not be around to see it due to some mysterious biological agent such as…let me think ??? Ah yes, ‘swine flu’.

This is not a ‘conspiracy theory’ as I’m sure you’ll state. This is documented fact by the very people in power behind the scenes who have written of it in their own books and documents. Your readers should be very concerned about environmentalists bearing gifts of eutopia. Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Polpot etc all promised the same!

A great site that might be of use to people who hold the same opinion as I do that the whole manmade global warming/environmental facism movement are nothing but a scam to help bring about global government.



Al Gore’s Hypocrasy

Posted in The Global Warming Scam on May 14, 2009 by newsreelneil

For anyone who cares to do the most minimal of research themselves, it would be clear that in the last 10 years at least, when China has been building the equivalent of one coal fired power station a week, that the planet has actually been cooling. What is it with the media, an industry which is supposed to seek out and report the facts, seems incapable of doing so? It takes a small amount of basic investigation to show that this whole manmade global warming story is just that, a story. It’s put out by very powerful people, including Al Gore himself, to serve the vested economic interests of the elite including Al Gore’s own carbon trading company Generation Investment Management.

Let’s be clear about one thing and that’s the hypocrisy of Al Gore. This is a man with considerable holdings, not only in the company mentioned above but also in Occidental Oil. This company is responsible for the destruction of the ancestral home of the Kitanemuk Indians in the Elk Hills of Central California. At the time environmentalists filed a lawsuit against his company under the Endangered Species Act to no avail as drilling went ahead.

Another indigenous population, the U’wa of North-eastern Columbia were removed from their ancestral homes. The 5000 strong community even threatened mass suicide if Occidental started drilling but this was also ignored by Occidental Oil, again ignoring the concerns of environmentalists.

These are just a couple of examples of the utter hypocrisy of Al Gore. There are many more. This is the man we are supposed to trust to be giving us the facts behind manmade global warming despite his film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ being pulled apart and shown to contain numerous incorrect assumptions and blatant falsehoods.

So, we need more electricity. Well how about exploring the technology of Nikola Tesla for a start? This was the man who invented the first ever hydro electric power station at Niagara Falls, still in use today. This genius was a compulsive inventor of electrical machines, the technologies of which are still used 65 years after his death. It has been reported many times that at least half of his inventions have been suppressed by powerful corporations, particularly the energy industry. The reason for this is that Tesla seemingly proved that electricity could be provided free to everyone on the planet. He also proved that cables were unnecessary for transporting it. He is also said to have invented the magnetic generator which used no fuel whatsoever and worked using magnets to rotate a turbine which produced the required electricity. This could be built to any scale for any intended generation needs and indeed would be possible for every single house on the planet to have their own. This would cut the need for power generating plants and completely nullify energy production pollution emissions of any kind. It could also be used to run any type of motorised vehicles. Yes, planes, trains and automobiles!

This of course would not be in the interests of the corporations who own our energy companies, car makers etc.

It’s about time reporters/journalists started to investigate the real world instead of listening to spin doctors and vested interests who will simply tell you what they want you to report. In essence you need to start taking some pride in your profession and seek out the truth!

The truth shall set us all free.


Al Gore’s Green Money Making Machine

Posted in The Global Warming Scam on May 6, 2009 by newsreelneil

The mainstream media seem to have a blind spot when it comes to Al Gore the global warming guru who warns that unless you and I pay up, the planet is doomed.

The question is, who are we paying up to? Our respective governments? Greenpeace? Friends of the Earth? NO! NO! NO! Guess who we’ll be paying? Mr Al Gore’s company Generation Investment Management. Well, I think there just might be a case to answer here. Al Gore and his business partner David Blood, yep Blood & Gore, own the company that you and I will pay our carbon taxes to while these criminals will fly around the world in their private jets, use upto 20 times the average person’s home energy than anyone else and justify that by saying they buy carbon credits to enable them to carry on with their elitist lifestyles. Trouble is, they’re buying carbon credits from themselves. Conflict of interest? OF COURSE!

So, why should we believe anyone who has a vested interest in scaremongering us with a coming apocalyptic world when they are the ones who’ll benefit the most whilst our standard of living will continue to decline whilst these people live it up? They are conmen and liars of the highest order. I defy anyone to show me physical evidence of manmade global warming. It has been getting cooler since 1998 and that is a fact! Look out the window if you’re in the UK or Ireland just now. In the West of Ireland there has been persistent rain for 4 days and it ain’t warm enough fopr this time of year. Last year was the same and the year before wasn’t much better. We are being conned. It’s time people stood up and said ENOUGH!

These elitist billionaires are greed obsessed parasites sucking the life out of the rest of us to ingratiate and enrich themselves even further. We are trash to be trown away when we’ve fulfilled our use. WAKE UP!

A Cloud of Hot Air Over Grass

Posted in The Global Warming Scam on May 5, 2009 by newsreelneil

It never ends! We’re now being told that having a lawn is bad for the environment, When will these so called experts look out of their windows, take a quick glance at the real world outside and show us the evidence of global warming? You can spout all the figures you want created by ficticious models to give the results you want but you can’t stop the weather, well not yet. Barrack Obama has stated that this is exactly what he wants to do by, wait for it, spraying pollution particles into the atsmosphere to block out the sun’s rays, yes you read right, spraying pollution particles into the atsmosphere to block out the sun’s rays! It seems that this is an attempt to cool the surface of the planet although it has been shown that this has the opposite effect and has actually been going on for years already, they’re just admitting it now. The global warming alarmists ahve always said that the sun has nothing to do with the warming of the planet anyway, so where does this madness come from? It comes in the form of chemtrails created by chemicals added to jet fuel.

Not every airliner does this but when you see the trail after an aircraft has long gone, spread out to form cloud, that is a chemtrail. All the chemicals DON’T stay in the air, they fall to the ground we breath them in. They are heavy metals such as Barium and Aluminum and they are toxic to humans and animals. They also cause disease and infertility. The New World Order plans for an 80% reduction of the planet are in play here again.


Anyway, back to the grass. If we don’t have a lawn, we’re told we should plant more shrubs and fruit trees. Why not just build houses without lawns? Oh yes we have those already, they’re for the poor folks that can’t afford houses with lawns, they’re called apartment blocks where people have to live like rats in cage. The rich will still have lawns, bigger than their huge houses, but let’s not talk about that, they’re special aren’t they? They deserve lawns because let’s face it, they’re better than us aren’t they?

BOLLOCKS! They are simply the elites of the planet who want it to themselves and leave to the rest of us in slavery to them. Start denouncing these  ridiculous claims of manmade global catastrophe wherever they arise. This is our planet, we are the majority regardless of what your politcians believe.

Water Charges? Get the figures right to start with!

Posted in The Global Warming Scam on May 4, 2009 by newsreelneil

In a recent article in the Irish Examiner we were told that water charges may have to be introduced because each EU citizen uses two Olympic size swimming pools of water per year. What utter nonsense!

I’d like to know how it’s possible that the average EU citizen uses the equivalent of two Olympic size swimming pools annually. I don’t know who does these ‘studies’ or what criterion they use but maybe a simple course in arithmetic would be a condition before making these kinds of bizarre and ludicrious statements.

An Olympic size swimming pool holds 2.5 million litres, this is then doubled to 5 million litres. Divide this by 365 days and we get a daily usage amounting to 1 litre short of 14,000 litres, per person, per day.

My bath measures externally 1.8m long x 0.75m wide x 0.3 deep (to the overflow) giving a volume of 0.405m EACH = 405 litres.

My kitchen sink, using the same measurement, holds 20 litres x 2 times daily = 40 litres.

The washing machine is maybe used 3 times a week or approx 100 litres daily.

I can’t drink more than 5 litres a day.

My garden is fairly well watered by nature and car washing is not my thing.

So we have a daily consumption of 550 litres a day. Ok so say I go crazy and start to wash the car fanatically and scrub myself 3 times a day, let’s call it a 1000 litres a day.

Where do the other 13,000 litres go? Evaporation?

These are the kind of statistics we are flooded with on a daily basis by the manmade global warming fanatics. They spout such rubbish expecting the gullible and misinformed not to check them out. When did the human abilty to reason disappear? Was it washed away by a tsunami of statistics bearing no semblance to reality? Why do people blindly follow this blatantly phoney propaganda?

When you have quotes like this from the so called experts it’s not surprising that people are so pathetically conditioned to fall for any spurious rubbish these people come out with.

“We need to get some broad based support,
to capture the public’s imagination…
So we have to offer up scary scenarios,
make simplified, dramatic statements
and make little mention of any doubts…
Each of us has to decide what the right balance
is between being effective and being honest.”
– Stephen Schneider,
Stanford Professor of Climatology,
lead author of many IPCC reports.

It doesn’t matter what is true,
it only matters what people believe is true
Paul Watson,
Co-founder of Greenpeace.
These kinds of statements should blow the lid off of the whole manmade global warming scam to bring in carbon taxes payable to Mr. Al Gore’s company, Generation Investment Management with his business partner Mr. David Blood. Yep, Blood & Gore, you CAN’T make this stuff up! Unfortunately you can however make up any figures you want to ‘capture the (dumbed down) public’s imagination’ and ‘offer up scary scenarios’ and what is it they want to be ‘effective’ about? Al Gore should know a thing or two about manufactured figures to create any given result, he’s been the victim of that himself as he well knows whilst touting himself as the guy who used to be the next president of the US. He also claimed to have invented the Internet!

Statistics and damned lies are the norm for Mr. Gore as a recent court case in the UK showed. The judge cited 9 glaring falsehoods amongst the 35 points of misinformation regarding CO2 being to blame for global warming in his incoherent truth movie.

When will people wake up? The planet has been cooling since 1998. That is known fact and even one time alarmists are admitting they have been wrong. David Karoly, one of the foremost alarmists last week had to finally admit that “temperatures have dropped since 1998 in both surface temperatures and in atmospheric temperatures measured from satellites”. In fact, the fall in temperatures since 2002 has already wiped out half the warming experienced in the last century.

Ask yourself, think, reason…..Where is the proof outside of dubious figures? The Antarctic has expanded over the past 30 years by 100,000 km2 each decade, the Arctic ice cap is growing again and the seas are not flooding the coastal cities anywhere. Look for the evidence with your own eyes and let’s stop the scaremongering and ask the real question. Why are we being lied to?

I have my own theories….see other categories for those